Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Signboard Design & Installation

An MS metal signboard itself can last for a long time, while the lifespan of the advertisement on the signboard ranges varies differently. The printed advertisement with lighter color lasts about 3 years before it starts to fade. Other than that, any darker color can last longer. We offer 3 months warranty of free service for all standard signboards.
Identify the type of signboard that fits your needs, and prepare a quotation for the deposit. Once receive a deposit of at least 40% we'll start to proceed with the artwork. We can provide the application for the Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) Certificate with the final artwork. Once the artwork is approved by DBP, we begin to fabricate the actual signboard.
Production of a standard signboard took 2 - 4 working days. However, the application of a signboard license can't be promised. Advertisement on the signboard needs to be approved by DBP and MBIP/MPJBT and the process may take about 1 - 2 weeks to complete.
A skylift will be needed if the installation point is too high or has no standing point. Normally, a second floor (or higher) location will be needed. A skylift will ensure safety during the installation and reduces the risk of unwanted loss.